Monday, December 28, 2015

Have I Turned Into the Grinch????

I have never liked the story "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", but this Christmas I found myself saying "bah humbug" one too many times.  It started with me getting excited about having a new kitchen that is the perfect kitchen to bake goodies!  I had this plan of "blessing" people with those goodies.  My first endeavor went off great.  I had so much fun until I gave out those goodies.  I heard remarks like "oh we don't do sugar any more", or this one (nervous laugh from a mom) "oh no my kids don't need these", and those were just a few of several more.  Bah Humbug - that black cloud that you can see and feel above the Grinch descended upon me.  So after one baking session, I stopped!  Yep, no more baking.  I put away all those ingredients and all that pretty packaging I bought and I sat there so discouraged.  I so needed to be ENCOURAGED.

Then I thought, baking failed, so I will invite people over for dinner.  Just to enjoy visiting with friends.  As soon as I started talking about it I got responses like "I'm gluten free now", "just turned vegetarian", "it's grain free for us", or "only eat grain fed beef"!  Gee people lighten up,  can for one night just come over and eat a little without putting restrictions on your host?  What happen to enjoying the company?  I have a restrictive diet, but I never say to anyone inviting me over that they have to change their agenda for me.  Unless it's life threatening we need to loosen up.

Do you see and hear the Grinch in me???  UGH!  So I didn't have anyone over - nope not a one.

And then the big finale - gift giving.  After the baking and dinner fiascos I was real hesitant in this area.  You give someone a gift and here it comes...."Oh I won't use it", or like a remark a dear friend made as I handed her a wrapped bottle of some very good OLIVE OIL, she commented "oh I don't drink" - she thought it was wine, as if I would have given her a bottle of wine when I knew they don't enjoy a glass every now and then.  All those gift receivers should have done was take the gift and say thank you.  In fact thats what all those anti-sugar people should've said "thank you".  Emily Post would have been proud of all those people.  Simple manners.

I don't want to be the Grinch, so how can I have an attitude of gratitude?  I went to the Father and asked him to change my heart towards those who didn't realize I need encouragement too.  He said, the fields are filled with those who need a goody, a dinner or a gift.  It doesn't have to be the same ones all the time.  Hmmm, that makes sense.  So I am praying, opening my eyes and asking Him to put those who need a special gift, some fellowship or even something sweet.  Be on the look out - it may be you!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Are You Listening

"And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you.  I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart". Ezekiel 36:26

I just finished having a 7 week Bible study at my home.  The topic was The Armor of God.  During one of our discussion sessions, a young woman shared the above scripture.  As she read the words, I knew God was reminding me of how He took my heart and transformed it!  Its been just a little over 4 months since a surgeon was trying to fix my sick heart.  He was putting in two new arteries so I would have a stronger heart.  A heart that would beat without interruption.  A heart that would sustain my life.  While the surgeon physically fixed my heart, God had a total different plan for those stony, stubborn parts that had rooted itself in my heart.  God began flooding my heart with a new love for His people.  It was during my second stay in the hospital that I finally said "I surrender, show me what You want me to do. I want to glorify You".  As I prayed and sought counsel through His Word, HE began to show me and lead me to those He had chosen.  One by one they would come into my hospital room.  A nurse, an aide, housekeeping, the food staff and oh yes, doctors.  God told me to tell each one that He wanted them to use the gifts He had blessed them with, and that He was pleased when He saw them using those gifts to help the people He created.  Tell them of my love for them, tell them of all the gifts I have available for them - forgiveness, mercy, kindness, goodness, salvation.  It was exhilarating to see how responsive and open people were to kind words and how thrilled they were that God was pleased with them.  Out of everyone I shared with, only two were not believers.  Those two got the gospel.

It it was on my last day at the hospital that I was tired, and those stony, stubborn parts were taking root again!  I wanted to be released but there was one person I had been avoiding sharing God's message with.  She was a doctor, very professional, not much of a talker.  I could feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share God's message.  I knew God wasn't going to let me go,so I swallowed hard, and when she came into the room I asked her if she went to church.  She said she hadn't been to church in a while because she worked on Sunday but she missed going.  I told her I was sorry she didn't get to fellowship with other believers.  That God wanted her to know that He was pleased that she used the gifts He blessed her with to help bring comfort to His people in this hospital.  Tears welled up in her eyes, she thanked me for sharing and reminding her how much God loved her.  She allowed me to pray over her and when we were done, she cried.

A few words of encouragement meant so much to each of the people I came in contact with.  Had I not listened to God I would have missed the blessing. Isn't God gracious that He used me to encourage some of His people and in return it encouraged me during a trying time?  Are you listening to HIM?  Is He telling you something but perhaps you are running away, or digging your heels in and being stubborn?  Surrender, listen and obey.  You'll be surprised how much joy it brings!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Are We Listening?

A little different blog today.  Saddened with yet another mass shooting by a young man at a school.  I asked myself why is this happening so frequently.  Did you know that President Obama has had the most mass shootings than any other president?  Yet guns have been around all along.  What is making this time of violent crime so frequent and with such anger?  

My take on this..... young men feel hopeless and hopelessness leads to mental illness.  Why are they feeling hopeless?  There is no good male leadership in our country, in our homes, even in our churches.  Men don't know their places any more.  They don't know what to say to women for being afraid of being called a "sexist", they don't know how to lead for they are told that women should be leading, they are mocked in sitcoms, advertisements, movies. They are made to feel that they are no longer male (look at common core curriculum that wants to do away with calling males males and females, females), and they look around them and see confusion.  Thus they feel hopeless, they become enraged, they act out because they do not have good leadership to look towards.

God in His Word says this will happen in the last days.  But guess what?  We as believers are asleep on this also.  Are we in the last days?  Am I living as if Jesus is returning soon?  We don't want to rock the boat, so we go along with the political correctness of our country and think it's ok.  Then another shooting happens and we are crushed, perplexed and wondering what is going on?

We need to rise up.. Now is the time.  Stop living for pleasure and look around at where God would have us.  Raise our sons as leaders, stop badgering and teasing our husbands and be encouraging them to lead according to the Word of God.  We as women need to get out of the way and petition God to capture the hearts of our men.

"Maximizing Manhood" by Ed Cole is an excellent way to begin this process.  Get the book, give it to your spouse, fiancĂ©, friend, brother, father, etc.  Read it yourself. don't become complacent, let's get moving and listen!

Friday, August 28, 2015

God's Not Done With Me

So much has been happening to me.  All good according to God's plan, but these trials have brought such a newness and a fervency to LISTEN and OBEY God.  We don't have much time.

I was scheduled for a six month check up with my cardiologist on July 8th.  The week before the 8th, they called and asked if they could reschedule to a later date.  Great I said as I was feeling fine and was seriously thinking of canceling any way.  A few days before July 8th they called me back and said they didn't need to reschedule and that they were expecting me on the 8th.  UGH I thought, should i cancel?  But I went in on the 8th, told the cardiologist I was doing good except for a "little" and it was a little acid reflux feeling again.  Right away he said, that was your symptoms before, let's schedule you for an angiogram.  So on July 15th I went in for an angiogram.  They pushed the camera and dye through my heart and found two major blockages in a part of the heart that could not get stents!  They wouldn't let me leave that hospital and instead transferred me to Straub for open heart surgery for the very next day!!!  July 16th came, fear set in, anxiety but hey the drugs they give you work and you don't remember and feel a thing.  Until after :) !  I got to stay in the hospital until July 23rd and then came home to recuperate.  Changes, adjustments, questions. holding tightly to the hand of God.

I was doing quite well at home.  Tex is a great caregiver, took charge, people from church came by with meals and that helped tremendously!  Flowers arrived to boost my spirits.  I felt love.  We kept praying for our needs to be met and HE did meet them.

Then on August 23 I started experiencing excruciating pain on the right side of my abdomen.  Went to ER at Pali Momi. After a CT scan they found a blockage the size of a fist.  The doctors were freaking out telling me they were calling a surgeon, etc and I couldn't leave the hospital or it would burst!  So once again I am in Pali Momi.  After giving me some awful stuff to drink the obstruction moved right on out but there were suspicious lesions in the colon.  Biopsies were done.  Got released from hospital on 8/25 and found out on 8/27 there was NO cancer!!  Praise God.  

I put out requests on our prayer chain, Facebook and texted those that weren't connected otherwise.  God heard our prayers.  As it says in Acts 10:4 Your prayers and alms have ascended as a memorial before God"

I have learned so so much.  I have so many stories to share with all that I'm bursting at the seams!  God worked so mightily, clearly, and often.   I heard and I obeyed and I want you all to know that is the only way to live.  But now I am asking God what does He want me to do with all He has shown me.  Who do I share with?  How do I share?  Pray along with me that HE will open doors for this.

That's all for now.  I hope each who read this will remember that He's not done with me yet!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


I have a makeup mirror in my bathroom that has two different types of mirrors.  On one side is the regular mirror, but the other side has a magnified type.  The magnified mirror shows clearly all the lines and imperfections on my face.  As I began to read this scripture "but so that the world may know that I love the Father, I do EXACTLY as the Father commanded Me" John 14:31 I began thinking, what am I reflecting to the world?

Women in our church just completed doing a Bible Study called "Discerning the Voice of God".  We learned so many wonderful things but two that stand out was "God doesn't just speak to be heard, He speaks to be obeyed", and "we must make obedience a habit regardless of our feelings".  You may ask, why is obedience so important to God and why is it a priority?

God says "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word" John 14:23.  That should be enough to make us want to obey every time He asks and immediately.  But then Jesus tells us in John 14:31(above) that we obey God so the world can see we love God.  How else would they be able to know Him if we don't show them that our love for God comes through obeying Him.

If we live in obedience our every day lives would reflect so much to this world.  We would reflect contentment and joy in every situation.  We would not fear for fear is not of God.  We would love our enemies.  No need would go unmet.  There would be no bitterness, anger, jealousy, or envy reflecting in our lives for He tells us not to let those feelings into our lives. Our lives would bear much fruit.  We would love one another was He loves us.

Obedience to God brings us peace, joy, courage, purpose, oneness with theFather.

Obedience to God reflects truth, righteousness, guidance, perfection in unity and brings glory to Him.

Remember the saying from Snow White, "mirror, mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all"?
What are you reflecting to the world?  The next time you look into the mirror, would you ask yourself "am I obeying God".  Ask Him to show you how and when you do not obey.

Here are some words to an old hymn I have been singing since doing this and obey for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey!

obedience is better than sacrifice,

Friday, January 23, 2015


"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them."  Ephesians 2:10

Some times I read scripture and one word will jump out at me and cause me to ponder and chew on it.  In this scripture the word "workmanship" got my attention.  Perhaps it's because right now our home is undergoing some renovations.  We have the floor team fixing, sanding, matching and staining, then the drywall guys turning the ugly wall (which shows all the wiring and studs) into smooth pretty surfaces, then there's the plumbers and electricians connecting and making sure all their area of expertise works.  All these workmen are all needed and they need to do their job well.

I think of God creating me and doing it well - of course I'm not perfect and the body I have now is not ideal (LOL)!  But when I think of Him creating, I think of the special care, the loving care He took with each one of us.  He formed us into His likeness.  He didn't do it haphazardly just to get the job done, no the scripture says there was a purpose, lots of thought went into His creation, He had prepared all this "beforehand".  There was intent, purpose,love, planning all put together as He created us His "workmanship".

As I look at the workmen at my home I am praying they will work and create their portion of the renovation with the same workmanship God used.  He took His time, did a marvelous job all because He cared enough!  Now I must do my part - the good works He wants me to do.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Promised Life

Joshua said, "Hereby you shall know that the living God is among you and that He will without fail drive out from before you the enemy".  Joshua 3:10

The Israelites went from the wilderness and crossed the Jordan to get to the promised land.  No doubt there was great anticipation and rejoicing but, as we read Joshua's words to them, we can also see that they probably had some fears, anxiety, doubts, and he is trying to encourage them.  The world calls these negative thoughts and behaviors; but I look at them and call them our "enemies"

Who or what are your enemies?  Is it jealousy, bitterness, anger, depression, anxiety, refusing to let go, pridefulness, feeling everyone is wrong and you are right, envy, greed, lack of submission, disobedience, sarcasm, conflict, unforgiveness, immorality, idolatry, compromise, an unloving spirit, harsh judgment, being overly sensitive, feelings easily hurt, eagerness to vindicate yourself, etc.

We must remember these enemies that plague us also cripple our testimonies and act as a barrier to revival.  These enemies prevent us from having victory in our lives. They also prevent us from showing a decaying and dying world the power of our God.

We are reminded in Ephesians 6:11 "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places".

Every day of our lives we are doing battle with an enemy who knows our weaknesses.  Our thought life and our personality is the battle field.  The conflict we face is that "we wrestle not with flesh & blood".  It is not the humans around us but the evilness of satan.  We need to remember this!

But we do not have to succumb to our enemies.  We can have victory because God has a purpose for each of our lives.  It started with God pursuing us, forgiving us, granting us salvation, allowing us to be part of His family and inheritance in His kingdom.  Is all that not worth fighting for?  Or do we just give up,say it's too hard, I'm too tired, it's their fault, let someone else do it, it's not fair or it's impossible.

Do we want deliverance from these enemies that stop our growth in the Lord?  Do we want to experience God's power in overcoming these enemies who continually taunt us?

Conflict vs Victory - are we going to surrender to our enemies, or claim victory in Christ.  Will we stand firm as the Israelites did as they approached the raging waters of the Jordan, eagerly waiting to cross into the promised land?  Stand firm, plant your life in the word of the Lord, grab hold of His promises, set your eyes on God.  Do not look to the left or the right but only straight upward on God.  Spend time with Him so you can discern His voice and filter all the noise of world.

Focus your thoughts on Joshua 3:10 "The Lord is with you".

Remember Jesus was a conqueror.  He is with us and because He was victorious and a mighty conqueror so can we!!

Let us face those enemies, especially the ones we feel are impossible.  Let us follow Christ's example. We cannot do it on our own, we need Him.  Let us put Jesus between us and those enemies that continue to plague us.  No more defeat, just keeping our eyes on Jesus and realizing He can do the impossible.  Let us walk firmly into the promised life He has for us!!