Saturday, September 7, 2013

Flowers Speak

Today I was cleaning out our closet.  I came across a folder and found something I had written way back in October 2011.  I thought I would share it here.

     "Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child rests against his mother, My
       soul is like a weaned child within me".  Ps. 131:2

Child- like faith, child like trust.  Each time I go to God's word I want to have that child- like faith.  No assumptions, no opinions, just believing that His Word is true.  I want to come to His Word with child- like eyes.  Absorbing all He has for me.  Looking with anticipation and excitement.

When God asks me to step out and do something; I want to step out in obedience and fully trust Him. Like a child trusts her parents when she puts her hand in theirs as they cross a busy street.  I trust You Lord, all the way, all the time.  I put my hand in Your hand.

Obstacles come when I try to orchestrate and maneuver the path He has selected for me.  My own agenda gets in the way, along with my own pridefulness.  The hesitation comes in and my child- like responses go out the door.

One day in August 2011 God put a sweet friend, who had stage four cancer upon my heart.  He said "go visit her". He spoke and I quickly put aside that child like faith and began listing the reasons I shouldn't go. But the Holy Spirit kept prompting me and then said "go and take flowers".  Flowers? That's the last thing she needs Lord!  "Take Flowers".  I was reading, at the time, Psalm 131 about that child- like faith, so I went (remember this is after protesting!).  The selection for flowers on the North Shore is just about zero.  I stopped at the Foodland market which had about 5 bunches of flowers.  Great, and some were wilted.  My eyes were drawn to a bunch with bright yellow and orange. I decided to take them.  Then the Holy Spirit prompted me to take another bunch (this one had multiple colors).  As we were going to her home, I kept praying that God would give me something to share with her.  "Tell her about the flowers - the red ones signify the blood I shed for her, for she is precious in my sight.  The big white one in the center of the bunch is her assurance that she is cleansed and saved.  The green flowers show and remind her that she has grown much in her walk with me and I am well pleased.  The deep purple ones tell her I call her one of my own, one of my royal priesthood. She belongs to ME".  WoW!

I got to her home, but her husband said she was asleep.  I shared with him the purpose of the flowers and the words God had given me.  He said he would share it with her, but perhaps the message was for him, to bring comfort and reassurance. To remind him that God is in control and that his wife was going to be well taken care of.

All God requires of us is that child- like faith. To totally trust Him even when things don't make sense.

Monday, August 19, 2013

In the Blink of an Eye

Four weeks ago, our friend, who is an avid surfer and athletic person, was in an auto/motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down and in his left arm.  He woke up on a monday morning, looking forward to a new day and by 6:00 p.m. he lay in an ambulance unable to move his body.  In the "blink of an eye" he went from being independent to being dependent on people for every day things.

When someone close to you goes through such a horrendous trial, it makes you stop and evaluate your own life.  This can happen to any of us.  So quickly, so suddenly your life takes a life altering turn.  Life as you know it, or was hoping for is now changed, perhaps the changes are irreversible and now your life will be filled with many adjustments.  What does one do?

The world says "well adjust".  Easier said than done when you are left feeling helpless, at the mercy of others, wondering what will happen next.  You are no longer in control of anything.  Your meals are brought to you when you aren't even hungry, you can't venture outside to feel the cool breeze, if you want a bath you have to wait until someone is available.  The visitors begin to dwindle and you realize you have much time on your hands.  Time to ponder, time to think "what's next".  You stare at the tv watching others lives go by, yours has stopped for now.

I think of "can we prepare" for such things?  Of course there's the normal things we can do, get good insurance, have accidental and long term care coverage, make sure all your paperwork is up to date and in order.  In fact that's also a biblical approach, as the Bible says "be prepared".  But how does one prepare emotionally and spiritually?  Do we wait until we are in such a situation to grasp on to God?  If you don't have faith in Jesus, where do you get your hope?  Not in people.  Humans disappoint us, hurt us, leave us, are impatient with us,  expect too much from us.  Granted we do have our nice sides, but we are selfish people.  We have our own lives, places to go and people to see!

Are you prepared?  Do you hold on to the hand of Jesus every day and say "I surrender all to You"?  Do you wait upon Him to guide you through your life or are you making your own path, following your own way, striving and pushing forward?  Jesus tells us in the "blink of an eye" we as a believer,
will be raptured up with Him into the heavens.  Are you ready if He comes today?  Are you intimately acquainted with Him that no matter what happens you can say, It is well with my soul.

Close your eyes and imagine laying in bed unable to move.  What would be your thoughts?  Where would you gather your strength and hope from?  When the fear encapsulates you, who would you release that fear to?

If you don't know Jesus, call me.  I will tell you of my relationship with the King of Kings and how He is my rock, my strength, the one who can deliver me from anything, He is the one who holds me in the palm of His hand, who created me in His image, who will never leave me nor forsake me.  Whose mercies are new every morning.  He is HOPE.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sip & Savor

Hurry here and hurry there.  There are deadlines to be met.  Times we have to meet.  Rushing here scurrying there.  We see it everywhere.  We hear parents telling children "hurry we're late"  We down our meals so quickly we don't know what we've eaten!

The other day I was reading a book in the Old Testament when I came across a long list of genealogy - UGH!  Names I don't know how to pronounce.  Names like Shephatiah, Maaseiah - the list was long.  I was thinking of skimming over it or really just eliminating it from my reading.  But I heard God say - take the time to read each name, pronounce them out.  So I did and I learned something in the process.

It slowed me down.  My breathing changed.  My body relaxed.  My devotional time with God was not hurried.  The rest of the reading was filled with awesome time with God.  My heart and mind was ready to receive what He had for me.  I found my mind was sharper, more alert and words from the scriptures jumped out at me allowing me time to savor what God had for me.  I had given control to God.

It's like making a cup of tea....I can get out a mug, pour water into it, zap it in the microwave for a quick 2 minutes, dunk in the tea bag and I have a cup of tea all within 3 minutes!  OR  I can boil some water, get out a nice tea cup, get some loose tea (which tastes so much better) - wait for the water- pour it into a tea pot - sit down, let it steep (wait again!) and then enjoy.  By the time my lips touch the rim of the tea cup I feel peaceful.  I won't gulp the tea I'll sip and savor it.  Just like Jesus wants us to do with His Word - Sip & Savor!

So I'm not skipping over those long lists of names any more.  There's a purpose for everything in the Word of God!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Time for reflecting is good.  It is good for the soul.  Reflecting makes you appreciate simple, small things in our every day , ordinary lives.  Did I say ordinary lives?  In today's world where we are so "connected" with Ipods, Ipads,Iphones, Itouch, we can feel we are so special.  But in reality we are ordinary.  Human beings doing every day things.  And it is in that ordinary every day living we can begin to miss those special moments.  Those God moments.  When the Creator opens your eyes, stops you in your tracks and allows you to be a part of something bigger.  But in order to have those moments, we have to put down that cell phone and stay unconnected to the outside world and join Him.  Put down my cellphone?  I won't know what's going on?  Not look at facebook or twitter????  Can we do it?  Let's try....

Sit down, breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly.  Already you begin to relax.  Do it again.  So simple and yet we rarely do it.  Allow your mind to focus on HIM.  Recall HIS blessings in your life.  Now as you read what I am about to share with you, remember, God selected you to read this, it is HIS moment with you.

For over a year I have been trying to get back to my old way of life.  Running here, involved there, signing up for this, committed everywhere.  My mind-set was, this is what I've always done - isn't that what the world tells me?  Sign up, join in, commit!!!  I did it with my son, Trey, as he grew up.  We went from one sport to the next.  Everyone does it, it must be right! Wrong.  But several days ago, God gave me another glimpse into what He has been trying to get through my thick skull.

I was reading Ephesians 5:1 "Be imitators of God" - stop cold!  The question God asked me was "How can you imitate me if you continue to squander your days?"  Yep, He used the word squander.  It was as if I was doused with ice cold water.  Do not squander your days, Sharon.  Every day wake up and yield to Christ.  Every day wake up and surrender your day first and foremost to Him.  Every day wake up and decide to obey every prompting of the Holy Spirit.  Don't squander one moment.  Look around at who God puts right before you (even if it's someone who annoys you - LOL).  Every day before you grab that cup of coffee, look at that cellphone; purpose in your heart and soul not to squander one moment.  They are precious.  You're not guaranteed that there will be a tomorrow.

Enjoy the moments God has ordained for you today.  Let Go, Let God.  Stop squandering and begin to live a Christlike life.  Let this world see ME not you.  Let this world see MY love, MY mercy, MY grace and MY power through your life, not your accomplishments.  As you surrender to ME they will know who I am.  Don't squander your time, allow ME to mould you....Remember I am the potter and you are the clay.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lattes & Ribs, a lesson in Grace

Yesterday I got some good news from the cardiologist.  He said I could stop taking 2 of the 5 medicines
I have been on for a year.  He said my cholesterol was GREAT!  I am praising God for bringing me through these last few months.

You see in February I got a horrible flareup of my ulcerative colitis.  I couldn't keep any nutrients in me and I lost close to 10 pounds.  I had to be placed on high doses of steroids to get the inflammation somewhat under control.  This prompted me to want to be more proactive in my health care.  I started seeing a wonderful naturopathic doctor who tried to get my body on a healthier path.  We decided that I  needed to eat healthy, take supplements and try to get my stamina back.  It wasn't easy.

Just this past week, I began feeling a little better.  I won't go into the details, but I could see some positive results from the radical diet changes and supplements.

So entering the cardiologists' office I was hoping for good results.  Praise God I got them!  After my visit, we were all hungry so we looked for a healthy place to eat.  We decided on Down to Earth a vegetarian market and deli.  After lunch Brooke wanted a latte so I ventured into Starbucks for her.  The smells assaulted my senses-----aaaah the aroma of hot coffees and teas enveloped me as I came in from the rain and cold.  I told myself, "what's one chai latte" - so I bought one for myself.  It tasted so good.  By the time we reached Haleiwa, I had thoroughly enjoyed that latte.  But then the rumblings in my tummy and the cramping in my belly told me perhaps that latte wasn't a good choice! I made it home vowing never to have that drink again!  What was I thinking?

Around dinner time, my hunger pains began.  The tv was on the food channel and they were featuring all these fantastic places to go to get the best barbeque ribs.  Again, I was being seduced and sucked in to some place I shouldn't be.  What did I do?  Did I turn off the tv and make something heart healthy for dinner?  No.  I talked Tex into going to Haleiwa and get ribs for dinner.  I attacked those ribs - they looked and smelled great!!!  After finishing just one rib,  I knew I had made a bad choice.  Did I stop?  Nope.  Did I remember that low cholesterol count? Did I remember how this very day I wasn't going to be taking 2 medications?  NO - in fact I ate 3 more ribs.  As I placed the last bone on my plate, I began to feel ill.  What a dummy.  Didn't I learn from the latte?

This morning I am on the phone with my sister who lives on the mainland.  She is telling me about the bad choices one of her sons is making.  There is a part of me who wants to grab my nephew and give him a good shaking and tell him "What were you thinking".  When God speaks to me and says "Isn't that just like all of my people.  You take one step forward and two steps back.  Remember the latte & ribs? You knew better but you decided to choose poorly. Have grace. Remember how easy you succumbed to what was placed before you".

As we go into Easter let us remember to choose Christ in all areas of our lives. Remember to encourage and love on everyone. Remember from where Christ has delivered you. Pour out grace in abundance.
I know I will remember how God used "lattes and ribs" to teach me grace.

Friday, March 1, 2013


I just got through doing a great bible study by Kay Arthur called "Lord Teach Me To Pray".  The wonderful women who attended this study were so eager to learn more about our Lord and it so inspired me to press on and continue to teach and encourage women to stay in the Word.

In this study, Kay talked about temptations and how we are surrounded by more and more temptations that capture our hearts and send us in the wrong direction.  We must stay diligent and remain in the Word of the Lord to be able to discern when we are being tempted and to guard against giving our hearts to any one but God.  It got me to thinking about temptations.  Besides the obvious like drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc, there are more areas that creep into our lives and rob us of that abundant life that is available through Jesus Christ.

Do you ever become fearful, worry, doubt, fret, become filled with anger or bitterness?  How about apathy, complacency, busyness?  I look at these as temptations that can send us down the wrong path and occupy our time away from Jesus.

Do I want a life filled with being in the will of God, or do I want a life feeling as if there is more?  I learned that studying the Word of God will remind me when I am stepping into an area of temptation.  God's Word will remind me to "flee" from it.  His Word will remind me that there is always a way out of the temptation.  The scriptures will give me the power to go in another direction.  His Word will give me hope and peace.

Many months ago God showed me through His Word that one of my goals here on earth was to encourage other like minded women to study His Word indepth.  HE said "do not squander your days" and I realized He was telling me that He wanted me to join Him in encouraging women (and men) to realize the importance of studying the holy scriptures.  So here I am, telling you, whoever reads this, your time is now.  If you are reading this, it is because God has chosen you to step it up, be bold, change the direction you are going in and listen for Him.  He is knocking - will you answer the door?