Monday, September 26, 2016


September 2016

"His wife said to him, "are you still trying to maintain your integrity? Curse God & die".  Job 2:9

No one wants to be remembered for words we utter when our stress levels are so high.  Poor Mrs. Job.  We remember her for these 12 words.  I have been hearing sermons this past month, on grace and I got to thinking of Mrs. Job.  Here is a lesson in grace....

If we take a step back and look honestly at all Job went through, we forget his wife went through those same trials.  She is not the primary character of the Book of Job, but she was a part of what went on.  First, in one day, she watched all 10 of her children die.  I can imagine her thoughts, "ten times I have given birth, nursed each one, kissed their ten toes and fingers, watched them grow in our loving family".  Feel her heart ache?  Like most moms, she was probably the heart beat of the home.  She gathered them together, fed them, rejoiced with them.  Job was an esteemed man in society, so I believe she must have been very influential and an integral part of his life.  Imagine the grief that enveloped her as she looked at the 10 freshly dug graves.

In one day she went from living very comfortably (Job is described as a wealthy man), to every material possession taken from her.  In one day she lost it all!  She is now homeless, penniless, all she has is the clothes she is wearing.

Then she becomes Jobs caregiver!  Now there is a thankless job.  Job is in excruciating pain, probably very cantankerous.  We are told his trial nearly breaks Job's soul.  What about her soul?
We don't read that Job began ministering to his wife.  Is he tending to her needs?  Is he comforting her?  Is he thanking her?

Are you beginning to feel some empathy and compassion for her?  Yes, she uttered those awful words, but can we give her some grace?

This past month I must admit, I lacked grace for some people, but God brought me back through Mrs. Job (I wonder what her name was?). Because I sought HIM, he taught me that although people don't always share about their trials, or it's not so evident the pain they are in, everyone has a story.  Every one needs grace.  Our part is to lavish the grace Jesus gives to us on others.  No matter how difficult it may be, we are called to love, encourage and forgive.  Let's hope grace will abound in overflowing amounts to all those God puts in our paths.