Friday, September 28, 2012

Interruptions & Inconveniences

I haven't blogged in a while.  I really didn't have anything significant to share.  I mean I don't want to bore you with just trivial jibberish.  My life is not all that interesting, but, when God shows or teaches me something, then I want to share.

I have been staying home a lot more since the two heart attacks.  Something about those heart attacks have made me more "cautious".  It's also made me more contemplative.  I look at life so differently.  I've noticed that the things I value or cherish are different.  I want my time on earth to mean something. I don't want to just do life, I want to experience life.  Sound corny?  Like an ad for some life coach class?  I know. But believe me, when you are closer to death than you ever thought, it is life changing.

So in my pondering moments; re-evaluating, God reminded me again of something He taught me years ago.  I will share it with you as He said, "It is time".

One day several years ago, I was asked to share at a women's function our church was putting together.  I had all these notes sprawled out over the dining room table.  Various books were opened to the subject I was to speak on.  I was working diligently putting this verse here, grabbing that portion from this book there.  Erasing, crossing out, adding in.  I was frustrated.  Things were not gelling together as I had hoped.  My husband comes into the room and asks me to go to lunch with him and Brooke.  "Lunch?  Are you crazy?  I have to speak tomorrow and I don't have anything worthwhile to share!", I growl.  Yes, I do growl occasionally.  Then the phone rings - again!  Another interruption, another inconvenience.  This is it, I mumble to myself.  It's one of those telemarketers - well I will give them an earful about inconveniencing me!

Before I say "hello", the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart..."There are no interruptions and no inconveniences, just divine appointments".  What?  Are you kidding?  I say hello and the guy, I still remember his name till today, Jonathan, goes into his rehearsed course on getting their great credit card.  I listen, all the while the Holy Spirit is reminding me..."no interruptions, no inconveniences".  I so want to interrupt Jonathan and hang up but the Holy Spirit is now prompting me more and more.  Jonathan ends his speech and I tell him I'm not interested BUT (and this is totally the Holy Spirit speaking) I then ask him if I could pray with him.  Jonathan gets real quiet, and says ok.  The prayer God gave me was one reminding Jonathan that God loved and cherished him.  That he was created in the image of God and that God wanted him to know that there was an abundant life waiting for him.  Then I prayed that Jonathan would find favor with all the people he spoke with that day and that he would be successful in his endeavors.  I ended my prayer, in Jesus' name.   Then there was silence......

I just kept quiet (which is hard for me!).  Then Jonathan speaks through choked tears...he thanks me for the prayer.  He says no one has ever prayed for him before.  I hang up the phone.  I have just had an experience with God. I am shaking and I begin to cry (as I type this recollection it still brings tears to my eyes).  A simple prayer, over the phone with someone I did not know and will never see, gave a person hope.

I went back to my speech for the women's function and lo and behold it came together within a few minutes!  A God moment.  The words He wanted me to share for that day was all written down, ready to be shared, just like that!  Isn't that so like God.

So what did I learn?  There are no interruptions or inconveniences.  In fact, you cannot find those two words in the Bible!  Why?  Because God ordains our every step, our every call, our every encounter.  When we are obedient, we also get the blessing !  So I leave you with this, in this "caller ID" age, the next time the phone rings and you are "busy", remember, there are no interruptions or no inconveniences, this call was sent to you from God.

I love you all.....