Monday, October 10, 2016


This election has filled me with disillusionments.  Not that the candidates are so awful (that's a given not a disillusion to me). But that people I thought believed in the Word of God like I do are for a candidate that is for abortion.  My heart grieves that I fellowship with people that are not like-minded.  How can that be I ask myself.  Have I been so blinded?  Have I missed some of the signals showing me that they do not believe the Word of God is the Absolute truth?  Did I miss opportunities to be salt in my brothers and sisters lives?  I am grieved, I am grieved.

Social media has been a terrible way for us to express ourselves.  Yes there are times we as believers put scripture out there, but is that our way of getting the truth out there or is that an easy way, nonconfrontational way, to share?  Who wants confrontation?  Who wants to be rejected?  Who was disillusionments?  I don't.  I am tired of it.  I want the Lord to come back now but His timing is not my timing and that's a good thing.

So what is HE showing me? That I assume to much and that causes roots in my thought life of defensiveness which can lead to disillusional thoughts and bitterness.  Me bitter? Yep!  Me defensive?  Yep.  You are too.  We want to think that we have positive, christ-like thoughts but let someone disagree, challenge or say something insensitive and those hairs on the back of our necks perk up and those thoughts start a churning.

So to my children (because this is who this blog is really for), I say this, your mom is human but praise God, HE is not done with me.  And HE is not done with you too.  We are ALL sinners saved by grace.  There is only one person who will never reject us, fail us or discourage us and that is Jesus Christ.  Social media, friends on facebook, instagram, hollywood, government, etc will always disappoint us.  Cling to Christ.  Believe HIS Word