Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This morning my husband brought a newspaper clipping that a friend of ours had kept all these years.  It was an article written in the Honolulu Advertiser on March 20th, 1990.  The reporter was interviewing myself and some other parents whose children had died.  As I read the article I realized how much I have grown in the Lord.  The feelings of sorrow I felt then and still do now are deep.  I haven't forgotten my son Jeremy.  I still miss him and often think what kind of a man he would have grown into.  Would I have grandchildren, would he be living close by, would he, would he.  There are many questions that will never be answered because a life was cut short.

But I am so grateful that the Lord was so full of mercy, patience , grace and love with me.  HE held me close, wiped my tears and listened as I cried out to HIM.  And as HE patiently and gently nudge me this way, opened a door here or cleared a path there, I began to know HIM more.  HE revealed each step of the way a new part of HIM, a new promise, or a new blessing.  As I grew in knowledge of HIM, I also grew in love for HIM.  But I took action to receive all of what HE had for me.  I had to open my Bible and read His word.  I had to kneel before Him and petition Him.  I had to loudly praise Him for all HE is and who HE is.  It took action to receive all He had for me.

I hope and pray this day that whoever reads this will take action to receive all that God has for you.  Don't put it off, don't wait but embrace the Lord Jesus Christ!  Take action and see all the goodness He has for you.

As I look over this article I see that my faith was so small but HE carried me through those days and brought joy and peace into my life again.  He opened my eyes to see the beauty all around me.

May our Lord bring you peace, joy, love, grace and mercy this day.

P.S.  I look so young in the picture they put in the article!  It is amazing how I have changed outwardly but more amazing how inwardly I have grown in the Lord.