Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Miracle

It is a little over one week since we left the Mayo Clinic.  We are settling in to a new routine of sorts.  I am still overwhelmed by all God has done.  All of you reading this blog are part of the miracle God has done with Brooke.

Remember back in July 2011 when I wrote about the alarm going off on her tracheotomy machine? And how when we took off the oxygen hose attached to her trach that clear water came gushing out?  That was the first miracle from the Lord.  No one had ever seen anything like this happen - no nurse, no doctor, no respiratory technician. No one could explain to us what had happened.  But we saw it - clear water.  I called it the "living water", but the miracle of it all escaped me until this evening.  That was God preparing us for this miracle.

On May 11, 2012 while sitting in the cardiologist office at the Mayo Clinic, we were given some wonderful news.  All the tests they did showed that Brooke did not have any signs of severe pulmonary hypertension; the pressure levels in her lungs were normal (like you and me) and there was no sign of any leakage in her heart.  Her heart looked good.  She did not need any medicine nor a heart lung transplant.  Please remember we were just told in Hawaii that she had all of the above and there was nothing more they could do for her - thus the trip to the Mayo Clinic.  The doctors in Hawaii did not misdiagnose her.  The tests they did do not lie.  They are very competent doctors and we trust them.  But we also know that what we were being told was "impossible".  The doctors at the Mayo Clinic had all the reports and pictures, and film of all the angiograms.  When I asked him what happened, he said "he didn't know". I asked had this happened before?  He had never seen this before.  We sat in silence - Tex & Brooke started crying, I was at a loss for words (funny huh? Me at a loss for words).

God heard our prayers.  HE heard our cries and HE stepped in and healed her.  There is no other explanation.  Isn't it wonderful!?  You all are a part of this healing because you have faithfully prayed for Brooke.  God used all of us.  HE allowed each of us to be a part of this present day miracle.  HE doesn't want us to forget this, HE wants this to change our lives as we face other trials.  HE wants us to tell the world that HE is to be glorified through this healing.  It isn't about Brooke or us, it's about HIM.

I recall 30 years ago, kneeling in my bedroom at Sunset Beach and crying to God that He would heal Brooke.  She was so ill , had just had open heart surgery and now was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  I remember so vividly sobbing and asking Him to heal her and I remember how a peace flooded over me that to this day I cannot explain that feeling.  I heard Him say He was going to take care of her.   I also remember a little over 15 years ago Pastor Dan was visiting from India.  He began praying over each person at a Bible Study we were attending.  He touched Tex and said, "some day there will be a healing in your family".  I share with you these two memorable moments because when I heard those words from the doctor that she no longer had severe pulmonary hypertension , God brought those two moments to my mind.  HE was reminding me that HE was in control of all of this.
The timing was HIS not mine.

I can barely type this as my body begins to tremble when I recall God touched Brooke and HE has allowed all of us to see His power and feel His mercy.

Please remember to thank Him for being who He says He is. "I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The latest on our Journey After seeing a cardiologist, pulmonologist, catherization doctors, and numerous X-rays, today we saw a physical medicine doctor. We also met a young girl from kaimuki, Kelly Nakamura, who is graduating from Mayo medical school this weekend and heading to John Hopkins medical center for her residency. THis afternoon we see a rheumatologist. The physical medicine doctor is ordering all kinds of tests and consults so we will be here another week. As much as we want to be home, we know we must make the most of our time here. So we are hunkering down for another week sharing the same room which makes for interesting conversation! We have been getting along being together 24/7 but this coming week will be the real test. Sitting with the physical medicine doctor and hearing for the first time all the things she saw through the X-rays anD all her concerns about the stability in Brooke's neck was unsettling BUT we are trusting in our Lord for peace and direction. The is so much to share here but I will wait till we get back home to share in more depth. We met David in the physical medicine department who is from Sudan and is one of the lost boys. We gave him a He>i sticker. Such a pleasant grateful young man. Would love to sit and talk with him more. Hope God affords us an opportunity. So prayer requests would be - good news from all the therapists, doctors, etc. looking at Brooke over the next week. Also, direction and clarity in all our decision making, Peace and harmony. Love, Sharon

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Journey Continues & I Miss My Best Friend Our first day at Mayo went really well. All appointments were on time,everyone was nice. It is unbelievable how organized they are with the amount of people they are seeing. The weather is very cool 50s and 60s with blue skies. The people who live here are soooo happy that the weather is beautiful. Of course Brooke and I are freezing. Wish I had my uggs. Tomorrow will be one more test and the consult with the doctor. Now about my best friend. I miss him so much. I decided to leave behind my thick bible and go electronic - ugh! I have taken him everywhere. I have wonderful notes and dates. I can find scripture quickly. I miss him. I don't care what anyone says going electronically isn't the same. I feel disconnected. I gave my bible to my son Trey because told me so. Join me in praying that he will open it and see how many times his name is in it. I wonder what God will do with my precious bible? Stay tuned for more of the journey.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Journey

Today we are on a journey.  We are taking Brooke to the Mayo Clinic to see if they have any treatments that will prolong her days with us and make them better.  I will try to update on this blog site from my Ipad, but you know technology.  When they sell you the stuff they say it can do all these wonderful things, then you're alone with the little critter and it doesn't do what they said it would!

Pray for us.  It will take two plane rides and a 2 hour car ride to get to our destination.  We are excited to see what God does as He's taking us on this journey.  Join us through prayers, thoughts and hopefully through this posting.

love, sharon