Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Silence Is Golden

Silence.....it is something I need.  It is something I covet.  The complete quietness where you only hear the wind rustling through the trees is necessary for me to feel rested and at peace.  A quietness where you can read something once and absorb its meaning.  A quietness that allows you to feel every breath you take and the constant rhythm of your beating heart.

Many times I sit in that sacred silence and enjoy reading Gods Word.  My fingers touch a passage and it is in that silence, that stillness, that I feel His presence.  His Holy Spirit speaks---brkbrkbrk--STOP---that's not the Holy Spirit!  There is a break in my quiet.  A loud, whirring noise.  Brkbrkbrkbrk .  I open my eyes and there it is less than 500 feet above me, a noisy, big helicopter speeding by.  The faster it goes the noisier it becomes.  I close my eyes as is passes by, wishing it away and trying to get that silence back.  Even when it passes our home I can still hear it; not as loud, but the quietness I was enjoying is gone.  I try to grasp for the silence and then the helicopter comes again.  Going over us back to where it came from.  Loud, obnoxious.  In the span of an hour that helicopter, with something dangling from it, passes over me at least 4 times.  Irritated I close Gods Word and my eyes.  I just sit there. "Lord, I long to hear from You.  I need to feel Your presence".

The noise returns.  I press into His Word again, asking Him to speak to me.  Can He hear me with all the noise?  My concentration deepens, "focus, focus on The Word".  "Call upon His name".  I persevere, pressing on.  It seems like forever.  I feel as if I have used up all  my energy, concentrating, focusing on Him.  Then He speaks......

                          "You hear Me when you are comfortable; but it is when you are out of your
                          comfortableness that you truly see Me, that you truly need Me.  Learn to hear
                          and see Me in all circumstances"

I have learned a valuable lesson.

God is omnipotent....all powerful
God is omniscience....all knowing  and today I learn,
God is omnipresent...all around me, in the quiet and in the noise

In the chaos, in our pain, in our loneliness, in the pleasantness, in our illness, in the fear, in the poverty in the rich, in the uncertainty, in the love, in the____________(you fill in the blank).  God is there.  Look for Him, call out to Him.

Guess what ? The wind outside has picked up quite a bit and now a heavy shower as descended!  The quietness has returned as the helicopter can't fly in this!   Thank you, God!