Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sip & Savor

Hurry here and hurry there.  There are deadlines to be met.  Times we have to meet.  Rushing here scurrying there.  We see it everywhere.  We hear parents telling children "hurry we're late"  We down our meals so quickly we don't know what we've eaten!

The other day I was reading a book in the Old Testament when I came across a long list of genealogy - UGH!  Names I don't know how to pronounce.  Names like Shephatiah, Maaseiah - the list was long.  I was thinking of skimming over it or really just eliminating it from my reading.  But I heard God say - take the time to read each name, pronounce them out.  So I did and I learned something in the process.

It slowed me down.  My breathing changed.  My body relaxed.  My devotional time with God was not hurried.  The rest of the reading was filled with awesome time with God.  My heart and mind was ready to receive what He had for me.  I found my mind was sharper, more alert and words from the scriptures jumped out at me allowing me time to savor what God had for me.  I had given control to God.

It's like making a cup of tea....I can get out a mug, pour water into it, zap it in the microwave for a quick 2 minutes, dunk in the tea bag and I have a cup of tea all within 3 minutes!  OR  I can boil some water, get out a nice tea cup, get some loose tea (which tastes so much better) - wait for the water- pour it into a tea pot - sit down, let it steep (wait again!) and then enjoy.  By the time my lips touch the rim of the tea cup I feel peaceful.  I won't gulp the tea I'll sip and savor it.  Just like Jesus wants us to do with His Word - Sip & Savor!

So I'm not skipping over those long lists of names any more.  There's a purpose for everything in the Word of God!

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