Friday, March 1, 2013


I just got through doing a great bible study by Kay Arthur called "Lord Teach Me To Pray".  The wonderful women who attended this study were so eager to learn more about our Lord and it so inspired me to press on and continue to teach and encourage women to stay in the Word.

In this study, Kay talked about temptations and how we are surrounded by more and more temptations that capture our hearts and send us in the wrong direction.  We must stay diligent and remain in the Word of the Lord to be able to discern when we are being tempted and to guard against giving our hearts to any one but God.  It got me to thinking about temptations.  Besides the obvious like drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc, there are more areas that creep into our lives and rob us of that abundant life that is available through Jesus Christ.

Do you ever become fearful, worry, doubt, fret, become filled with anger or bitterness?  How about apathy, complacency, busyness?  I look at these as temptations that can send us down the wrong path and occupy our time away from Jesus.

Do I want a life filled with being in the will of God, or do I want a life feeling as if there is more?  I learned that studying the Word of God will remind me when I am stepping into an area of temptation.  God's Word will remind me to "flee" from it.  His Word will remind me that there is always a way out of the temptation.  The scriptures will give me the power to go in another direction.  His Word will give me hope and peace.

Many months ago God showed me through His Word that one of my goals here on earth was to encourage other like minded women to study His Word indepth.  HE said "do not squander your days" and I realized He was telling me that He wanted me to join Him in encouraging women (and men) to realize the importance of studying the holy scriptures.  So here I am, telling you, whoever reads this, your time is now.  If you are reading this, it is because God has chosen you to step it up, be bold, change the direction you are going in and listen for Him.  He is knocking - will you answer the door?

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