Monday, December 28, 2015

Have I Turned Into the Grinch????

I have never liked the story "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", but this Christmas I found myself saying "bah humbug" one too many times.  It started with me getting excited about having a new kitchen that is the perfect kitchen to bake goodies!  I had this plan of "blessing" people with those goodies.  My first endeavor went off great.  I had so much fun until I gave out those goodies.  I heard remarks like "oh we don't do sugar any more", or this one (nervous laugh from a mom) "oh no my kids don't need these", and those were just a few of several more.  Bah Humbug - that black cloud that you can see and feel above the Grinch descended upon me.  So after one baking session, I stopped!  Yep, no more baking.  I put away all those ingredients and all that pretty packaging I bought and I sat there so discouraged.  I so needed to be ENCOURAGED.

Then I thought, baking failed, so I will invite people over for dinner.  Just to enjoy visiting with friends.  As soon as I started talking about it I got responses like "I'm gluten free now", "just turned vegetarian", "it's grain free for us", or "only eat grain fed beef"!  Gee people lighten up,  can for one night just come over and eat a little without putting restrictions on your host?  What happen to enjoying the company?  I have a restrictive diet, but I never say to anyone inviting me over that they have to change their agenda for me.  Unless it's life threatening we need to loosen up.

Do you see and hear the Grinch in me???  UGH!  So I didn't have anyone over - nope not a one.

And then the big finale - gift giving.  After the baking and dinner fiascos I was real hesitant in this area.  You give someone a gift and here it comes...."Oh I won't use it", or like a remark a dear friend made as I handed her a wrapped bottle of some very good OLIVE OIL, she commented "oh I don't drink" - she thought it was wine, as if I would have given her a bottle of wine when I knew they don't enjoy a glass every now and then.  All those gift receivers should have done was take the gift and say thank you.  In fact thats what all those anti-sugar people should've said "thank you".  Emily Post would have been proud of all those people.  Simple manners.

I don't want to be the Grinch, so how can I have an attitude of gratitude?  I went to the Father and asked him to change my heart towards those who didn't realize I need encouragement too.  He said, the fields are filled with those who need a goody, a dinner or a gift.  It doesn't have to be the same ones all the time.  Hmmm, that makes sense.  So I am praying, opening my eyes and asking Him to put those who need a special gift, some fellowship or even something sweet.  Be on the look out - it may be you!


  1. Very well put! I was just thinking this morning, I wish we could get back to the old days, when people exchanged goodies they had hand made, or created, with love!!! We have become a nation of "Ungrateful people", and it needs to change!

  2. You have the gift of being an amazing hostess and it is greatly appreciated! My family and I are so grateful for the way your opened your heart and home to us. Thank you!
    I too have noticed the same type of responses from folks these days with regard to food gifts. The ending focus of your blog beautifully reminds me of the importance of praying for GOD's eyes in each and every situation. :-)