Friday, October 2, 2015

Are We Listening?

A little different blog today.  Saddened with yet another mass shooting by a young man at a school.  I asked myself why is this happening so frequently.  Did you know that President Obama has had the most mass shootings than any other president?  Yet guns have been around all along.  What is making this time of violent crime so frequent and with such anger?  

My take on this..... young men feel hopeless and hopelessness leads to mental illness.  Why are they feeling hopeless?  There is no good male leadership in our country, in our homes, even in our churches.  Men don't know their places any more.  They don't know what to say to women for being afraid of being called a "sexist", they don't know how to lead for they are told that women should be leading, they are mocked in sitcoms, advertisements, movies. They are made to feel that they are no longer male (look at common core curriculum that wants to do away with calling males males and females, females), and they look around them and see confusion.  Thus they feel hopeless, they become enraged, they act out because they do not have good leadership to look towards.

God in His Word says this will happen in the last days.  But guess what?  We as believers are asleep on this also.  Are we in the last days?  Am I living as if Jesus is returning soon?  We don't want to rock the boat, so we go along with the political correctness of our country and think it's ok.  Then another shooting happens and we are crushed, perplexed and wondering what is going on?

We need to rise up.. Now is the time.  Stop living for pleasure and look around at where God would have us.  Raise our sons as leaders, stop badgering and teasing our husbands and be encouraging them to lead according to the Word of God.  We as women need to get out of the way and petition God to capture the hearts of our men.

"Maximizing Manhood" by Ed Cole is an excellent way to begin this process.  Get the book, give it to your spouse, fiancé, friend, brother, father, etc.  Read it yourself. don't become complacent, let's get moving and listen!

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