Friday, August 28, 2015

God's Not Done With Me

So much has been happening to me.  All good according to God's plan, but these trials have brought such a newness and a fervency to LISTEN and OBEY God.  We don't have much time.

I was scheduled for a six month check up with my cardiologist on July 8th.  The week before the 8th, they called and asked if they could reschedule to a later date.  Great I said as I was feeling fine and was seriously thinking of canceling any way.  A few days before July 8th they called me back and said they didn't need to reschedule and that they were expecting me on the 8th.  UGH I thought, should i cancel?  But I went in on the 8th, told the cardiologist I was doing good except for a "little" and it was a little acid reflux feeling again.  Right away he said, that was your symptoms before, let's schedule you for an angiogram.  So on July 15th I went in for an angiogram.  They pushed the camera and dye through my heart and found two major blockages in a part of the heart that could not get stents!  They wouldn't let me leave that hospital and instead transferred me to Straub for open heart surgery for the very next day!!!  July 16th came, fear set in, anxiety but hey the drugs they give you work and you don't remember and feel a thing.  Until after :) !  I got to stay in the hospital until July 23rd and then came home to recuperate.  Changes, adjustments, questions. holding tightly to the hand of God.

I was doing quite well at home.  Tex is a great caregiver, took charge, people from church came by with meals and that helped tremendously!  Flowers arrived to boost my spirits.  I felt love.  We kept praying for our needs to be met and HE did meet them.

Then on August 23 I started experiencing excruciating pain on the right side of my abdomen.  Went to ER at Pali Momi. After a CT scan they found a blockage the size of a fist.  The doctors were freaking out telling me they were calling a surgeon, etc and I couldn't leave the hospital or it would burst!  So once again I am in Pali Momi.  After giving me some awful stuff to drink the obstruction moved right on out but there were suspicious lesions in the colon.  Biopsies were done.  Got released from hospital on 8/25 and found out on 8/27 there was NO cancer!!  Praise God.  

I put out requests on our prayer chain, Facebook and texted those that weren't connected otherwise.  God heard our prayers.  As it says in Acts 10:4 Your prayers and alms have ascended as a memorial before God"

I have learned so so much.  I have so many stories to share with all that I'm bursting at the seams!  God worked so mightily, clearly, and often.   I heard and I obeyed and I want you all to know that is the only way to live.  But now I am asking God what does He want me to do with all He has shown me.  Who do I share with?  How do I share?  Pray along with me that HE will open doors for this.

That's all for now.  I hope each who read this will remember that He's not done with me yet!!!

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