Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jehovah Rohi - The Good Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd...a shepherd, guides, cares for, feeds, leads, listens, answers, knows me well, loves, forgives, has mercy, when there is no pasture He gathers the food needed for His flock and with his crook he even pulls down the food and feeds them.  He feeds them intimately and directly out of His hands.

I just read a quote from Susanna Wesley, mother of John Wesley, the founder of methodism.  " I will tell you what rule I observed when I was young, and too much addicted to childish diversions, which was this - never to spend more time in mere recreation in one day than I spend in private religious devotions."

I am treading on tiptoes right now as I write this.  How will this be received?  We live in an outdoorsy, recreational, gorgeous country.  We are a people consumed with body type, body mass,diets, bikinis, tans, what we eat, vitamins, oils, smoothies, etc.  In a given day I can speak with several people and that's all I hear.   There is nothing wrong with getting outdoors and enjoying Gods creation, nor is there anything wrong in wanting good health.  The fine line comes when we spend more time, effort, thoughts, and energy on everything else but God.  After all isn't God the one who gave us eyes to see His creation, touch to feel the sun and rain, taste to enjoy the good foods, smell to enjoy His fragrances.

Susanna Wesley challenges me to look at how I spend my time.  I don't have to live a cloistered life, locked away in a a prayer room hours on end, but there must be a good GODLY balance.  Notice I used the word "GODLY" balance not worldly balance.  Do I go to God first with everything?  Do I stop and listen for Jehovah Rohi, my Good Shepherd to guide me or do I put my trust in my to do list, the children's activities, posting on Facebook, my husbands desires - all good but are they in alignment with what God has for me each and every day.

How much time do I give to my Good Shepherd?  Challenged?  Take the plunge - dive into HIS word today as much as you can, give the Good Shepherd the best of you.

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