Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hair Color

Sometimes I get ahead of myself.  I want things, ministries, people doing things my way.  I love to talk and God has gifted me with a gift of speaking and teaching.  I am also very organized.  I love order and I love to create order.  So all this said, I can be hard on those people not gifted in those areas I am.  I don't always see their gifts.

I've read in scripture that God gives all types of gifts to His people, but it doesn't always sink into my little mind.  Everyone should be like me, should run things like me.  If I were running that, I would do it this way.  Then once again God uses something in my life to show me how wrong I think!

I have been sick for over two months.  I am now on a big dose of steroids to help heal me.  The downside is that this medication makes by body, especially my hands shake.  Its hard to write, sometimes hold a fork or a cup.  It is a humbling experience and I have had to depend on my husband for help.   Recently we were getting ready to leave for a week on Kauai and the roots in my hair needed a touch up.  Normally I would go to my hairdresser but she wasn't available.  I dreaded doing it myself as I am extremely messy in this task.  I have no patience.  I asked my husband if he would help me.  He agreed - what a sweetie.

I watched as he carefully read ALL the instructions.  This is something I never do, thus that's where my problems start.  I rush through it causing chaos and a mess.  He mixed the solution, got a comb and carefully, methodically started to separate each section of my head and applied the color ever so diligently.  All the while reassuring me it was looking good.  Slowly, methodically, carefully, reassuringly.  Not ONE drop of that color missed my head.  There was no mess to clean up after! Not even any dripping down my neck.  I looked at him through new eyes.

This is the man who loves the Lord and knows His Word but can't always articulate it openly as me.  But will call another brother-in-Christ to encourage him, or will patiently listen to anyone with a problem.  He readily is available to help anyone who calls and needs help.  This is the man whose side of our office has piles of papers all over the place, I can never find anything on his desk.  But yet he pays every bill on time, invests our money wisely, has paid our mortgage off way before the designated years, and tithes no matter what our financial circumstance.  His gifts are very different from mine and that is perhaps why God puts us together.  We compliment each other and we are both needed in the Body of Christ.

Each of us has our gifts, none is better than the other.  We mess up when we don't see the value in others gifts - methodical, calm thoughtful, diligent, persevering, reassuring.

I might be gregarious, animated, organized and a gift with words, but there are so many other gifts that the Body of Christ needs to effectively spread the Gospel.

Lesson learned!

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