Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Voice

What a blessed day it has been.  After 15 days in intensive care and no voice for 13 of those days, we got to hear Brooke's voice.  She had speech therapy while having a tracheotomy and being on the ventilator.  This is not an easy feat, but leave it to Brooke, she amazes everyone.  The hospital stay is hard for all of us. Although we are blessed to be able to stay at a friends house some nights, we do miss the normalcy of being in our own home.  Brooke on the other hand has it harder.  Trying to sleep in the ICU is very hard.  Lights on, lots of activity, someone always checking on you.  But everyone is nice and accommodating at Queens.  We don't have news of any other changes.  Doctors cannot give us complete answers only to say "we don't know" with each question we have.  This is a time of adjustment, of letting go (which is very difficult) and with being extremely flexible.  For Brooke, please pray that she would not let the depression overtake her, that she would be miraculously healed and be a good witness for HIS Kingdom.  For Tex and I we ask that you pray for physical strength, no sickness, deep restful sleep at night and that we would remember to put God first.

I have been thinking of Joseph in the Old Testament.  I can relate to him as I feel Brooke some times is our "Joseph".  Joseph never did anything wrong to get all the worse scenarios possible.  Yet he took each trial and made the best of it.  To tell you the truth, I'm not Joseph.  I don't like where we are and I want it to change immediately.  But for some reason God has us here and I am learning to grasp  on to those little moments He gives us.  I call them our Rainbow Moments.  Someone unexpectedly sends a card, or calls, or brings lunch, or just drops by.  Someone who gives of their time so easily without any restraints - that's a biggie now a days!

Brooke is more of the Joseph.  She gets down when it's not going well and then she'll smile and thank all the nurses, respiratory staff, etc who are helping her.  She is always smiling at them even with needles and tubes protruding from all parts of her. Even after choking and being suctioned - which believe me is NOT pleasant, she smiles and says thank you!   It amazes me.  I guess that's what you would call "grace" - she is full of grace for what she has been through.

Tex is more of a Joseph too.  He is extremely helpful and so tender with her and me.  I am truly blessed to have him as my mate.  It is difficult for him to see his little girl struggling at times to breathe, not being able to open her hand, not being able to hear her say "dad".  Just this morning when he heard her voice for the first time his eyes were brimming with tears.  He didn't care who saw them and everyone in that room was touched.  He is a great example to everyone there of what a husband and father should be.  Just like Joseph a good example.

I am learning much from Brooke and Tex; and God is still using all of us just where we are.  Continue to pray for a miracle healing!

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