Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hear Me

"My voice rises to God and I will cry aloud, My voice rises to God, and He will hear me" Psalm 77

My voice is so important to God.  In the above Psalm David cries out to God to hear him and God does.

We've seen and experienced so much these past 17 days in ICU.  We've seen people come in and recover.  We've seen young and old pass away.  Families crying and families relieved.  Family and friends keeping constant vigil, or family and friends coming for brief moments.  We've heard laughter and sobs.  We are on that emotional roller coaster.  There are highs and lows.  Looking forward to the next high and yet always anticipating that dreadful plunge.  We take nothing for granted.  We constantly cry out aloud, "hear us, hear us".

Even now as exhaustion overtakes us, we don't ask why.  We definitely have seen God using us in different ways.  Each time He has called us to pray with strangers, we cry aloud hear us God let them see You, let them know You.  Each time we tell a nurse, doctor or therapist that God is well pleased with the tender care they give Brooke for in His word He says "what you do to the least of His people He will do unto you". We see their eyes get teary, voices thanking us for that word from the Lord and we know seeds are being planted.

We see Him and feel Him here.  Each day I pull myself out of bed and that tired feeling of "oh not again" comes over me I reach for his Word.  Some times quickly, some times gradually He speaks "This is where I have you, look around, I am here and I want you to join me.  I hear you".  He hears me, He hears my annoying voice, my crying sobs, my laughter, and my torment - God hears me.

I am not super woman, I do have my moments of protesting to Him but He ever so gently and always so quickly reminds me that everything that is happening to Brooke has gone through His hands.  He reminds me of all the other times He has heard me and answered me.  The times He has cradled me in His arms.  The times he has wiped away my tears and put them in a jar.  The times He has given me new mercies each morning.  He brings to my mind all of what He has delivered me from, all the comfort and peace He has lavished on me and the love He still gives to me even when I disappoint Him.

Even after all this I still cry out - Hear me O God - as if He needs reminding!

Brooke got to talk for the entire day!  That is a miracle!  She barely used the ventilator and we are thanking God for each of these precious gifts.  Pray that the depression will subside and that God would send special angel friends to cheer her up and encourage her.


  1. Thank God for you Sharon. Your gift of putting the realities of God in our life is comforting and encouraging.

  2. Oh dear friend! Your words are humbling and I am overwhelmed by your honesty and pain. Yet in the cracks of it all is your unwavering love and faith for our Savior and God. The faith of allowing God to be God and we, not really understanding it all, remain His children. Shall we tell the Potter how to mold the clay? Certainly not! I know He is able to reach places in all of you that can only be bridged with anguish. But yet, you are not alone. We pray for you and cry with you and grieve on new levels and the hearing of your suffering. I am amazed at how the whole painful situation draws me to God, not away. Today, I pray today that you, Tex and especially Brooke do not feel along but the blanket of love and prayers engulfs you and His face shines upon you. Blessing you all! Keeping you all! Bringing new revelations and new doors to share and understand His unfathomable Love and Grace.
    Love you my dear sister,