Friday, March 16, 2012


Everyone has been asking when am I going to post another blog. Well I finally have something worth sharing.

On February 10th I went into the hospital once again to have ONE stent put in my heart.  During the procedure the doctor noted that there were two other blockages that needed stents now.  While he was putting in the last stent, some placque was dislodged and I suffered a heart attack.  I am extremely grateful to the Lord that HE did not allow me to see, hear or feel any of this.  Usually the medicine they give you for "twilight" sleep allows you to hear them talking to you.  Any way they worked fast and pumped some type of medicine through my heart to get it going again.  After the procedure the doctor shared all this with Tex.  Tex said the hospital personnel in the procedure room including the doctor walked out of the room with "grave" looks on their face.   They decided that I needed to be put in ICU that night and hopefully go home the next day if all went well.

A few days later while in the cardiologist office, my doctor related to me that they had NEVER had anyone have a heart attack during the procedure and recover 100% as well as I did.  Again, I praise God for getting me through this.  At first it didn't sink in to me.  He was holding my hand while telling me what had happened to me.  The night before I had been asking the Lord if there was anyone that I had been coming in contact with that needed to have me share the good news with them.  So what do I blurt out to my doctor right after he tells me I survived another heart attack?  "Do you go to church?"  He said not, but kept holding my hand.  I then say "no wonder God has me coming back to you".  I then proceeded to tell him all Jesus had for him .  That God holds him in the palm of his hand, that God has gifted him with much talent and that HE wants him to know it came from Him and that HE wants him to use his gifts for Him.  God wants him to get to know him, that he loves him and that he was created in his image.  That's all I shared.  I didn't tell him the full gospel - this was all God wanted me to share.  I was floored that God was using me and extremely nervous!  My doctor thanked me for sharing and then left the room.  Is that it God?  My mind raced with all kinds of thoughts - what an idiot, I didn't ask him if he wanted to receive Christ, he must think I've lost my mind, what now?

A few days later I was sitting around - I do alot of that lately - asking God what is the trial for?  How do you want me to use this?  What can I learn?  What do you want me to do with all this time I have right now to just stay home?  What, what , what?????  And as faithful as God always is, eventho I was asking why and what, He still spoke to me, a woman who needed a touch from her Savior.  He took me to His Word.  2Corinthians 3  where Paul is speaking of how we are ministers of a New Covenant.  That our confidence is knowing that Christ lives in us, we are not adequate to do what He calls us to do but we have this hope in Christ.  Then, there in verse 12 was God speaking to me..."Therefore having such a HOPE, we use great boldness in our speech".....  that was God telling me how to use this trial.  When He tells me to be bold - do it - you don't have to be eloquent - He will give me the words - I just need to have BOLDNESS!!  Yikes!

Do you need to be bold for Christ?  When He tells you to share His love with someone do you automatically respond....first time obedience?  Or do you many times, like me, think "no way".  When He tells you to stand for righteousness do you speak with boldness?  I want to encourage all of you who read this, to remember that we have HOPE to go through trials, disappointments, rejections and life itself because Christ is our HOPE.

Today as I read 1Co.3:12 again I thought, Christ is asking me to be bold in my speech.  After all He has done for me can I do anything less than boldness?

I love each and everyone of you!

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  1. What a beautiful thing to share, Sharon. You are so lovely. Thank you for being obedient.

    I love you!