Friday, September 16, 2011


Today, September 16th, is my son Jeremy's 40th birthday.  As I write the number 40 my mind goes to all the things I've missed.  You see Jeremy was killed 24 years ago at the sweet age of 16.  I've missed seeing him grow into a man.  I've missed seeing him fall in love, choose a career and have grandchildren.  Those are just a few things I've missed.  The one biggest thing I miss is just him.  Talking with him, hugging him, hearing him say "hi mom", seeing him.  The things I miss all have to do with spending time with him.

If I would of had more time I could of or would of ____________________.

This is where cupcakes come to my mind.  I remember while he was in elementary school it was the fad or custom to bring cupcakes to school when it was your child's birthday.  That way the whole class could sing happy birthday and your child would be thrilled beyond words.  Some moms would elaborately decorate those cupcakes and all the class would ooooooh and aaaaaah .You know those moms who go way overboard.  They make the rest of us decorating challenged not artistic mothers green with envy as they turn ordinary cupcakes into works of art! :)  I remember bringing chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting to school ONCE for Jeremy's birthday.  I have pictures of him with a friend eating those cupcakes and having a big smile on his face with blue frosting covering his teeth.  I did that ONCE.  Do you know that shortly after I was told he was killed I remember thinking "I should have made more cupcakes".

I'm not sharing this because I want you to drop everything and spend more time with your children.  In fact we devote way too much time to our children. I'm sharing this because I have learned through cupcakes that I don't want to miss what God has for me and my life.

Time is one of the main things God wants from us.  He wants us to sit before Him, give Him the best of our days, ask Him what and how to accomplish what He has for us.  We can't find out if it's cupcakes if we don't spend time with Him.  God desires my fellowship and that takes precious time.  After all He has done for me can I do anything less?  I have learned that when I give Him the best of my time, He will show me exactly what to do with my time.  And yes, there will be time for cupcakes.

Yes, I missed cupcake opportunities with Jeremy.   I can never make up time not spent with him.  But I can take what I've learned, share it with you, and hope that you and I will not miss the magnificent opportunities God has for us each and every day.  Will you go with me before the Lord and ask Him - "what do you want me to do with today; who Lord do you want me to spend my time with; who should I call to comfort; who do you want me to make blue frosting cupcakes for?"

Let's allow God to direct our paths, not miss His opportunities for us, and enjoy the journey!

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